PTSD Dog Foundation, Began after learning every 22 minutes a United States ' veteran commits suicide.

A dear friend of mine killed himself from his constant fight with PTSD. As a dog trainer of over 35yrs. I have trained several assistance dogs for all types of disablities, I now donate all my time to help make a difference. Its time to show them we care and thank them for their service. Please Donate to the PTSD Dog Foundation Inc. By Donating, you will be helping us give more trained dogs to these well deserving vets, who have or are in service now that put their lives on the line for us. Please help us help them...

Please Donate to help the dogs, Your Donation will go to new beds, boones, food, and of couse the constant care of these special loved ones. 

Please Sponsor A Dog

Looking for a dog to Sponsors, Pick out a dog on our website and start donating to help Sponsor that dog, receive News Letters and Pic's on the dog of your choice and the Veteran he/she is going to. 

God Bless!

And Thank You For Your Help!

All Donations are a blessing, please help us grow with your Donation!

Come Join Us at Scooners in Lancaster Calif,  For A Specail Event, A Dog

Give-Away, see event page


We are opening locations in all 3 states, Corprate Offices are in AZ. now, but we have offices now in other area's and hoping Las Vegas soon. Here is the contact numbers for these locations.

Serving all, AZ                               (928) 387-3647         Mohave  Valley
Serving all, CA                               (818)658-0387           Los Angeles
Now Serving all, NV                   (928)550-1516             Las Vegas

Coming soon! New location in  Long Beach Ca.                          
‚ÄčComing to your area soon! But we will take you from any state..

PTSD Dog Foundation, Inc.

Providing Trained Dogs For Our Vets With

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder World-Wide!

      Facilities opening in your state soon!

Please Donate to help our Veterans get their dog as quike as possible. We have seen so many lives lost, they need your help now!

Please Donate to help the families of our fallen! PTSD effects the whole family

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Man's  Best  Friend

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More Wag, Less Bark

Helping Man with His Best Friend

As a fellow PTSD sufferer and with many family members who also suffer from this debilitating disease ,  I am here to assist you with  a fully trained service dog, trained by our professionals. Our service dogs can provide help in getting you out of bed, alerting you to an oncoming stress attack, like a seizure, help with tasks, or simply let you become aware of a knock at the door. The professionals at PTSD Dog Foundation are here to help in training a dog that will be the best at helping you in your daily needs and
 routines. At the PTSD Dog Foundation, we have a rooms waiting for you to come and stay for a few weeks while we help you go through daily conditioning to learn team work with your new best friend.
Call Now!  818-658-0387  We are here to help! But Please Help Us.

 In the memory of our  Fallen.......

 We were un-able to get him in soon  enough, this is why we need your help so  desperately, please try to help!

 You will not be forgotten, as we remember  in our hearts... LT. James Coner..

Cell  (928) 550-1516

Main Office  (818) 658-0387

Cell for those who text 

    (818) 658-0387